Waves of Identity

So, this was a really cool project. I took a Recycled Writing class in which we, as students and writers, discussed how to re-use and recycle writing. What is considered copyright? When is your writing, no longer yours? How can we take various types of texts and blend them to create something wholly our own? Through this class, I developed a semi non-fiction/fiction poem/lyric essay piece of work that involves seven different texts. I have numbered each section with the corresponding index number so that you may see where each section originally came from. I claim none of these words (except those in section 3). The rest belong to the artists identified in the index. I invite you to read this, and then try it out on your own. 

Waves of Identity

  1. I don’t mind the sun sometimes.
  2. The sun tides are important because of the way they increase and reduce lunar tides.


  1. I’ve always preferred the moon.


2. Storm surges.

4. When the stars and the moon and the sky fall through…

5. Identity has always been a fragile phenomenon.

6. And it starts sometime around midnight.

Or at least that’s when you lose yourself

For a minute or two

As you stand under the bar lights

And the band plays some song

About forgetting yourself for a while

  1. It took some serious thought before I finally figured out who was looking back at me from the glass of my mirror.

2.  In the ocean, the situation is far more complicated. First the source of the waves is rarely on impulse at a point. Usually it is gusty wind blowing over a broad area that creates very irregular wave shapes. Second, waves change in character as they leave the generating area and travel long distances. Third, usually several sets of waves with different periods and directions are present at the same time. Fourth, waves are generally greatly influenced by the undersea topography.

  1. You never know just how you look

Through other peoples’ eyes

7. “Oh honey, any sense of security is a false sense of security.”


6. You just don’t care what you look like

The world is falling around you.


5. Anything processed by memory is fiction.

  1. Waves come in many kinds and sizes; it is best to think of them as a continuous spectrum extending from waves so small they can hardly be seen to waves so long they are not noticed. Somewhere in the midst of the spectrum are the waves with which we are all familiar.
  1. I must find balance

I must find balance

I must find balance


  1. When you’re near me I have no fear

When I’m untrue you see right through me

You know me as deep as the sea goes

Calm my head whenever the storm blows


1-      Pepper- Butthole Surfers

2-      Waves and Beaches by Willard Bascom

3-      Me

4-      Throw it all away- Brandi Carlile

5-      Reality Hunger by David Shields

6-      Sometime around midnight- Airborne Toxic Event

7-      Safekeeping by Abigail Thomas


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