The Great Wall…of writer’s block?

I just started this blog and posted a few of my stories or personal essays. So, you might wonder what I’m talking about when I say I am suffering from the longest period of writer’s block I’ve ever known.

I sit here, browsing others’ blogs, trying to come up with a prompt for myself. Anything at all…but it just doesn’t pique my interest.

Examples: 5 reasons I hate the mall, 5 things I want to buy but can’t, 5 reasons I’m in love, 5 reasons I can’t write…and I can’t seem to type out a single thing.

So, I am writing about…well…writer’s block.

I am on a vacation of sorts and have all the time in the world to write. Why don’t I? Is it because I am a year out of college and no longer have the gumption to complete a piece of work? Is it because I’m no writer after all…I was just a student doing as she was told?

And it occurred to me…I have spent so much time on facebook, browsing things that aren’t important to me, online shopping because I can’t handle going to a crowded mall, looking for things I don’t have but want. I am searching for things to brighten up my home, connect me to others, make my waist appear thinner, make my eyes brighter, my hair smoother, my kitchen more organized…

And I’ve forgotten that none of that matters. To an extent, we need these things. Sometimes a girl needs to go shopping. It just has to happen. Sometimes organization in the kitchen is so bad that a single drawer makeover is necessary. And sometimes, the dull color of an apartment wall is a joy killer and Great Wall of writer’s block in itself and needs a new lamp to change the mood. But what I find myself forgetting is that my eyes are one of my best features…I don’t need yet another tube of mascara that claims to ‘lengthen and thicken’ when mine works just fine. And if my waist isn’t fitting in any of my clothes, there’s a bigger problem than just buying a new pair of jeans!

I must remember to stop searching for something that will ‘better’ my life. I am blessed and have all I need. I am strong and can create things to make me happy. All I need to do is sit down and write. And that Great Wall is going to have to come down sometime…I’ll take my pen (or, in this case, my computer) and scratch away at the bricks until I can get somewhere.

How do you deal with writer’s block?


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