5 Things I am Thankful for

Why should Thanksgiving be the only time we say thank you? Here are five things I am utterly grateful for.

1. My boyfriend: He is there through thick and thin and puts up with my insanity. 

2. My friends: It took a long time, but I finally found people who love me for me and don’t judge the things they don’t love.

3. My Kindle: I can’t believe I am saying this, but my Kindle is the best thing I own. I, believer in ‘real’ books, in the scent of old pages, in the very ink that was typed upon those pages, am now an official lover of a Kindle. Yes, I miss turning pages and smelling pages, but I love that I can sit down for hours and not once get up to grab a highlighter, a notebook, a dictionary, or a new  book when I’ve finished my old one. I love that I don’t have to decide which books to bring with me; they’re all there! And if I don’t have one yet, I can order it from my couch! Yes, I, Kayla Christine, love my Kindle.

4. My family: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

5. My self-tolerance: I am amazed and appreciative of my own tolerance for myself. I fall down and I don’t beat myself up for it.I get up and I applaud. I frown upon the bad, but I am ready and waiting to smile at the good. I am my own best and worst and I am grateful that I could discover that at a young age. Without self-support, there is no confidence. If I can’t give myself a hand, who will? Tolerate your mistakes. Tolerate your bad judgments. Tolerate your difficult characteristics. Accept yourself as a whole.


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