Be Artsy!


Art. I lived with an artist for two years in college and came to realize that, not only was she better than me…I was NOTHING in the world of art. While I used to while away my days sketching and coloring  in my multiplying sketchbooks from Michael’s I now couldn’t even pick up a pencil to doodle. My sketchbooks were tucked away in a closet and not thought of again until recently.

Now, I am aware I am not a visual artist, at least not in the sense of creating art without a camera. Photography is something I enjoy but I have always wanted to draw and paint and produce things that people could gaze at and think, “wow”. The painter I happened to live with also happened to be one of the better painters alive today and I am not just saying that. So, I had to give myself some slack but my art was never what I imagined it would turn out to be.

Today, I picked up my colored pencils and decided to try again. The above picture is what I came up with and, although it is in no way a masterpiece, it gave me peace of mind and I had fun while doing it! Sure, visual art isn’t my forte but it also isn’t something I have to avoid simply because it’s only a step above stick figures.

My artist friend always said, “You just have to give it time.”

So, I am leaving my sketchbook out on the table, sharpening my pencils, and letting myself doodle to my heart’s content. Maybe I will get ‘better’ but even if I don’t, I love to draw. I love the way color changes perception and I encourage everyone to take some time, grab a marker, and draw a little picture for yourself! Happy coloring 🙂


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