The First Week

Today marks day one of my journey through a Master’s in Teaching program. Last night, as I lay down to sleep, I couldn’t keep my mind from I doing the right thing, taking out all this loan money for school?…what if I can’t make friends?…what if I end up hating it?…what if I’m late?…what if I crash or get lost?…

I voiced all this to my boyfriend, the most non-judgmental and supportive person I know, and all he said was, “We’re gonna be okay. You’re just nervous.”

“But…the money…” I replied, nearing panic mode.

“Do you want to go to school and then teach in a school with kids?”

“Well, yes but..”

“Money comes and goes. We spend money to be able to live the lives we want to live. Even if you have to pay back a loan, you will be living the life you wanted.”

Eventually, I fell asleep and this morning came with the wail of my alarm and crusty, excited eyes. I’m happy to say I made it in time to the carpool meeting point and the other students and I got along splendidly. 

The classroom featured a coffee maker and multiple people volunteered to provide coffee beans, cream, sugar, and filters so that we can have coffee during class. The professor pranced about the room, smile bright and inviting and, by the end of six hours, my fellow grad students and I felt like a family. 

So, with my old backpack and new file folder, I’m embarking on a great and scary journey for the next year. Through sun, rain, and snow, my friends and I will drive through the city, trudge uphill and upstairs to the too-warm classroom with brewing coffee and a smiling professor, and we will discuss and learn about learning.

Next week starts the fieldwork 🙂



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