Fault in our Stars

What an amazingly bright, incredibly heartbreaking, phenomenal movie. A Fault in Our Stars is a movie now in theaters based off of John Green’s novel. It was a tear jerker on paper and continued to make me cry while on screen.

Even though these kids and families suffer from cancer, they still find the bright and beautiful in the lives they lead. It is a movie that can tear you apart and put you back together again with new pieces that weren’t there before.

I know this story, while not based on a particular person, is a true story. It happens to too many people around the world. Somewhere in my apartment building could be a Hazel, who feels like a ticking time-bomb, but is desperate for answers. Across the street could live an Augustus, fiercely loyal and optimistic, yet scared of oblivion. I cried in that theater for fictional characters who are really not so fictional. Cancer is real. People are real. Relationships are real. This story, too, could be very real.

I am blessed to be in good health, have a family in good health, be in love with someone in good health. My heart goes out to the Hazels and Augustus of the world. Where there is great sadness, there is also great inspiration. I have decided to write a list of 34 things I love about my world in an effort to be more aware of the things I often overlook, as many people do.

1. The home I live in.

2. My family, friends, and boyfriend. And my hamster.


4. The way I can see the moon, even when it is sunny.

5. Walks outside with someone I love.

6. Cats.

7. Books.

8. Doodling

10. Sweet treats.

11. Waking up to a soft breeze and not being expected anywhere.

12. Holding hands

13. Dusk light

14. Sunsets

15. Sun rises

16. Sandy beaches

17. The way I can feel a cold line around my ankles where the water meets the air when my feet are underwater.

18. The way my hair feels so soft after a haircut

19. When people wave thank you on the road for letting them in the lane

20. Breathing

21. Cold water with no ice.

22. The day before a vacation.

23. Snuggling

24. Sleeping nose to nose with the one I love

25. Memories.

26. School.

27. Children

28. Hiking up, not down.

29. That moment when the fire alarm goes off and you realize anything could happen. *Not that I want anything to burn down.

30. Old cars and trucks.

31. Breeze.

32. How my legs can take me up a mountain, into the sea, through beach grass, to those I love, across a finish line. They can take me anywhere.

33. The clicking sound of typing.

34. Just the right amount of perfume on my friend’s wrist while we drive with open windows.



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