Happy Thanksgiving

Like many others, I am taking a moment to share what I am thankful for.


I have known for years how lucky I am to come from such a loving family. My mother is caring, a little dorky, and burns toast constantly. She makes me crazy but I’m always excited to see her and still call her up when I’m bored. My dad is kind, a lot dorky, and is the safety police of the family. He’s constantly reminding me to drive safely, take vitamin C, and making sure I am happy in my relationship, with my job, and with my home. He gets my eyes rolling but no family outing would be the same without him and I love how he wants to check in on all aspects of my life now that I’m not under his roof anymore. My brother is hilarious, the dorkiest of all, and the baby of the family, despite the fact that he’s almost never carded. He makes me laugh like no other and chases all stress away. Life is just a fun ride when he’s around and I’m grateful every moment that my parents decided I needed a playmate when I was little. My grandparents don’t live close, but they are forever present in our lives. Pictures surround us and their voices carry through the phone or memories each day. This year, we were fortunate enough to have one of my grandmothers join us for turkey dinner. Finally, the newest addition to the family is my fiance. He is relaxed and fun-loving; things I struggle to be. He can reach into whatever hole I’ve dug myself and pull me out into safer territory. I love him more than I can say and am so grateful I get to marry him.


I love my job! How many people can say that? I was going to title this section ‘work’ but I don’t feel like I’m working when I teach. I have always loved school and this just feels like better school because I’m the one in charge! I love my students and all their quirks and couldn’t be more grateful to be in a school full of such encouraging and supportive people.


While we may not live in this apartment forever, I am grateful that we have the opportunity to do so for this year. We have put our mark on the walls with pictures, furniture and cat scratches and I love that I can look out into the trees every morning. My balcony is a place to drink tea and rest after a run and this room lets me watch over my cats as they roam and sleep on the sunlit floor next to the fireplace. No, it isn’t forever. But it is for now and for that, I am grateful.



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